Want to place an order?

There never is a Lundis Bleus watch ready in stock, as all our pieces are made to order. So, how to proceed to purchase your Lundis Bleus? It’s easy and can be summed up in 3 steps!

Step 1

In order to discuss and define your model or to confirm your interest for an existing one, please contact me at info@lundis-bleus.com ! The exact cost and approximate manufacturing lead time will be confirmed at this moment.

Step 2

The payment is due 100% upfront, when the order is placed. It is possible to use a bank transfer or credit cards via a secured payment link (Secure PayGate from Saferpay). The approved cards are VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

Step 3

Once the paiement is confirmed, the manufacturing processs can start. When your watch is ready, it ships via Fedex Priority.

Important remark, A: Payments are due in Swiss Francs. If the goods are delivered in Switzerland, the Swiss VAT of 7,7% applies. If the goods are delivered outside of Switzerland, then they are sold excluding taxes, but please keep in mind that taxes will most likely apply and will be charged by the forwarder before delivery. Such taxes could be the VAT where you’re located, the customs clearance process fee, etc. Please check with you local customs administration the level of taxes that you will have to pay when importing your Lundis Bleus watch, because this amount can be significant!

Important remark, B: Customized watches/goods cannot be returned for a refund or traded for another model.