The workshop

The Lundis Bleus Workshop 

You can find us in a beautiful building from 1692 at 31 Rue des Moulins, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and this is the place where our watches are born. 

Let’s be clear, Lundis Bleus is not a manufacture, with the exception of enamel dials. The manufacturing of the components is outsourced to partners known for many years and often long before the creation of Lundis Bleus. For the highly specialized crafts like hand engraving or miniature painting, we work with some of the finest Swiss artisans.

For all the rest, we do it ourselves, with our own hands. When we say “it”, we mean:

Design, 3D engineering, technical drawings, selection of the suppliers, project management, aesthetic and technical inspections of components, precision timing, assembly, quality control of the finished product, sales, shipping, customer service, business management, marketing, public relations, photography, and of course… kiln-fired enamel!

Our workshop is fully functional, with many different machines, benches, staking tools, kiln and all the necessary watchmaking tools to create enameled dials, assemble, inspect, and service our watches.

 Lundis Bleus – Soulful watchmaking