Art for the wrist - an invitation to contemplation and voyages,

Discover the Ref. 1120 – GM “Fujisan”


The inspiration for this model came from a journey Lundis Bleus had in Japan. In the country of the rising sun, manholes are traditionally finely-worked and usual-ly magnificent. On of them, located in Numaza, Shizuoka Prefecture, really caught our eyes. It was depicting a beautiful landscape of the Mount Fuji surrounded by the Mount Ashitaka, the bay of Suruga and a tracery of spider lilies and black pines.

We immediately thought that it would make a fantastic dial! Our friend Jean-Bernard Michel (click here to see his work), one of the finest hand-engravers in Switzerland, took up the challenge to engrave this beatiful Japanese landscape. With the aid of his hands and gravers only, not to mention his talent of course, he managed to bring the white gold dial surface to life by creating an intricate tracery of lines and curves. In the end, the Ref.1120-GM «Fujisan» is a piece of art for the wrist and an invitation to travel and contemplation.